About Us

Blue Practice is developed, owned and operated in Newfoundland & Labrador by Powered by b.

Powered by B have been developing solutions in Newfoundland & Labrador for over twelve years. They service both national and international clients with a team of highly skilled niche developers using the latest technologies.

The owner of Blue Practice developed the software in collaboration with his wife, a successful established family doctor in Newfoundland & Labrador, and intends to continue development of the software.

Owner recognized through his wife that current MCP and private software were inefficient, not user friendly and time intensive. The goal of Blue Practice is to modernize all aspects of clinic management with option to operate securely outside the clinic via tablet, smart phone or computer.

Development began May 2013 and Blue Practice continues to develop new and innovative features as requested by clinics.

Blue Practice has a team of six developers working in St. John’s that are able support the system and add features quickly. Our rapid response team are here to assist in last minute billings or IT crisis.Never miss a billing deadline.

The Blue Practice team have built a strong relationship with MCP finance personnel and are in regular contact with MCP about IT/billing matters. MCP endorses this new product

Clinics who have already adopted software have been able to reduce staffing costs substantially by not requiring dedicated billing personnel, dramatically improved percentage of ‘paid’ billings and dramatically reduce paper usage.

To request a demo of the Blue Practice clinic management platform contact us at +1 (709) 738-2583